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1st-Sep-2019 11:17 pm - Mostly Friends Only
[HUR] IKU ZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banner By wraithi 

Most of my personal posts will be friend locked so this is a half-private journal.
5th-Feb-2012 03:51 am(no subject)
[NMH] Bad Girl NSFW?

Woah. Hey. Long time no see. I missed you guys. I had zero motivation to do any non-RP related stuff online so I have missed out on moooooonths of updates. I will try and read through them but it would be best if you told me what was new in your lives here.

If you feel like it. No pressure.

Also I have a dreamwidth account (same name) if any of you have moved away from LJ blogging, posting and general meme spammery. If we're even still doing that.
Guess what I started reading again? Bleach.

Only I started from the start and haven't started the fullbring arc or whatever so don't spoil that for me you silly guys.


I watched the first episode of Usagi Drop when I was gone in Spain - it was really good! I want to watch it all!
I watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes of Tiger & Bunny, too, they were also really good! I want to watch them all!
I read the newest chapter of Air Gear and that too was good!

Did you see the new The World God Only Knows chapter? Oh my God Katsuragi get your shit together, son! This manga is the best thing! And the OVA comes out next week! I am so excited for it!

Oh and I want to rewatch Madoka. A lot.

**If you don't know what my icon is from you probably don't want to click here to find out.
15th-Aug-2011 05:05 pm - Meme!
[SE] Kid please
Comment with a fandom and I'll tell you:

❤ male:
❤ female:
✖ least favorite:
✔ who resembles me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that I like:

Awesome fandom list over here.
15th-Aug-2011 03:29 am - Fuck your fandoms mother fucker!
[YY] TsunTsun
I have changed my fandoms and now I will try and say which ones I now follow or what I recently finished! Behold my glorious taste!

YuYu Hakusho - I read the manga all the way through and watched some of the fights in the anime. It was good stuff. I loved me some Kuwabara. Even if he did get beat around alot and left out stuff. Guy was a rock paper sciccors machine.

Madoka Magica
- I finished this last season but I don't know if I said I finished it so I'll say it now. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it a whole lot. Episode 10 was probably the best episode and everybody knows it while Kyoko was the best girl.

The World God Only Knows - I finished the anime last season too but I started reading the manga. I'm not caught up yet but I really like it. I'm not in any hurry to catch up either because that would mean I was up to date and had no more to read. Bawww.

Toaru Majutsu no Index - I finished the anime way later than I should have ( unf dat second season ) and I started reading the light novels because I can't get enough :Vc I'm on novel 14... or was it 15?

Sket Dance - Triple confession time! I haven't read the manga! I don't really want to read the manga! I haven't seen the first 8 episodes of this show! I just caught it over my bros shoulder a whole lot and ended up watching it with him. I love it though.

Beelzebub - Well yeah come on Beelzebub is fantastic. Better than fantastic - it's the best thing in Jump by a country mile. If you aren't reading it then I don't even know what your problem is??????

Toriko - Well yeah come on Toriko is fan-- lets not do this. Toriko is an old style shonen manly manga for men about food which makes you hungry while you read it but you don't have any food and you end up really hungry but you haev to keep binge reading while catching up and oh my God that guy looks like Lady Gaga but he's spitting out bug eggs like bullets using callories as if they were kai energy in the north pole and that guy is using his voice to speak over 10km what is goin on they're making a lion cry cola. It's also the second best thing in Jump. Avoid the anime on this one, though.

Air Gear - Ah ha ha ha oh wow. I love this shit. The 'story' is just one of those classic shonen oh God what the devil is going on here plots. I love everything about it apart from the fact that, you know, the anime isn't ongoing so I can't see glorious Kazu vs Nike in the anime.

Yuru Yuri - You better believe I picked this up the day it came out. It's cute and funny and warms my black heart.

Hayate x Blade
- This is one of my favourite manga ever but scanlations are 35 chapters behind. Monthly chapters. And that's awful. It's about Hayate and she Crosses Blades with other girls to earn money. It's really funny. Again - it warms my black heart.


Soul Eater - I haven't seen much of Soul Eater Not! but I still read Soul Eater. I could do with a canon review of the manga because I forget alot that happened :|b

Fairy Tail - I like me some Fairy Tail. What's not to like? I even like it when Jellal shows up and when Natsu ragdolls the badguy at the end of the arc. Classic stuff.

Penguindrum - What is this I destiny even?

iDOLMSTER - It's cute and it's about idols and I like it. That's all I wanted from it and that's what I'm getting. Result.

PSYREN - I finally finished it after being on the last 3 chapters for a year. Dat ending was cool. I loved Mithra.

Persona 3 Portable -  Still on dat first playthrough. Not in any real rush to finish right now. Yukari is my favourite character and my social link is rank 9 with her. Aw yiss.

In other news I need to pick back up the following;

Claymore, One Piece and something else I feel like I'm forgetting. I lost track of them and forgot to pick them back up.

And in other other news I currently don't read;

Bleach and Medaka Box - I'm still avoiding spoilers for them but I can't be bothered with an arc of Kubo time and Medaka Box is just... you used to be good kid! Real good!

And in other other other news;

I dropped Naruto like a year ago and I don't have much plans on going back. Woopsie doodle!

So now you know what I've been watching and junk. No more excuses!
19th-Jun-2011 04:12 am - A certain honest meme
my thread

I finished Index II and I'll do a gush post about that tomorrow! Just wanted to post this and stuff!

[Index] !
Yo says the guy who went a long time with no blogging. I've been pretty busying doing what felt like nothing but I guess was supposed to be something and spamming plurk with what was actually nothing.

I'll put that messed up illusion of yours under a cut!Collapse )
and now that the real life stuff I've been doing is out of the way...

I've been playing some serious videogames lately. It's the summer. It really gives me a motivational kick when it comes to gaming. I could be a gag manga character with a trait like this.

I  finished Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2 on the PS3 - both of which were birthday presents from my beloved vycey  and both of which were amazing fun. I can't wait for the third one to come out. It'll be great.

I finished InFAMOUS 2 in two days (which is probably how long it took them to write the thing. What a letdown!)  which was fantastic apart from the letdown of the ending.

I've been playing P3P on and off.

I finished the Metal Gear Solid series (1,2, 3 and 4) recently since I had never played them in my life and got the first one in, like, Febuary for my PS3 off of the PSN and I've picked up the PSP games to complete. Delicious Big Boss and flashback characters galore. Snake Eater was my favourite and 2 was the second best. I'll totally buy both the remakes of Snake Eater later this year. No Regrets.

I bought Duke Nukem Forever (>laughing babes.jpg) and it's a blast. Sadly my computers fans are acting up these days and I need to clean the thing or the beast overheats shortly after I start gaming and the computer crashes. I'll do that later! Woops!

Bought L.A. Noire but I haven't finished it yet. Still on the homicide cases. Enjoying the game so much though. Great fun playing detective.

Finished Dead Space 2; not as scary as Dead Space 1 but an amazing game. Better than the first.

I bought Black Ops. On the PC instead of the Xbox this time. Much better on the PC. That is all.

Oh and I finally starting finishing Index II. Huge fan of season 2. On episode 17 and the new OP is awesome. I'm just going to marathon the rest of the season tomorrow.
31st-May-2011 02:53 am - What up gangsta?
So it feels like I've been gone for ages. Like honestly it feels like I've been gone forever.

I just wanted to say I'm still around.

Hey :V

Icon related: It feels like I've been gone since Christmas. And I hadn't gotten rid of that icon for some reason, either.

Also a meme to fill up space.

meme under here 26 facts and stuff aw yeah alphabet themed up in this cutCollapse )
28th-Apr-2011 10:06 pm - HUR

Questions from vycey 

1 – Favourite m/f, m/m and f/f Fairy Tail pairings? Go!

- Erza/Natsu, Gray/Natsu and Erza/Mira
But you ain't got that Snoop Doggy Dogg Style~Collapse )

More questions by rikasaurus 

1. What's your favorite console?

-Glorious PC pfffahaha yeah right installll update patch etc etc
Probably the DS if handhelds count, or the 360 if they don't. Only because I haven't had my PS3 long enough and lol Wii. I feel sick just admitting that.
And then.... there will be more!Collapse )
18th-Apr-2011 08:00 pm - baby baby baby baby
[P3] Baby baby baby baby baby
- Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

Questions from hellzabeth 

1: What's one song you can't stand?
The homestuck soundtrack and that's not random hate speaking; vycey  plays it from time to time and I have to play something else to get away from it because I just can't stand it aaaah.

2: What was the first thing you shipped?
Well the first thing I actually shipped I guess was IchiRuki? I mean I didn't really give a fuck about pairings much before then and that wasn't too long ago either. I must have thought about pairings earlier to some degree but I can't really remember at all :Va

3: What's the longest time you've ever stayed awake in one go.

Like 30 hours or something, not too much! Typical teenage allnighter stuff really, right?

4: How many different countries have you been to?
Scotland! England! Ireland! Spain! France!.... Five! That totally counts fuckers and don't even try to say it doesn't.

5: Dementor attack! Quick, what's your happiest memory?

Aaaah dementor D: My friends ~18th? birthday party? We hung out at his house all night and it was fun as hell and it was before my group of friends had split up and before I got sick blah blah blah. Plus we got to play with a mega powerful laserpen tha reached the clouds I swear to God. It was awesome.
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